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About Us

At Jase Enterprises we believe that the average individual with ABOVE average work ethic & STRONG DESIRE to succeed can achieve EXTRAORDINARY results!

Jase’s professional team of sales & marketing experts has grown immensely over the years. Our clients span several industries such as telecom, financial processing, natural resources treatment & more. We provide our clients with immediate results through our positively effective direct marketing strategy. The entrepreneurial vision of our founders & the amazing dedication of our business development & leadership team has made our business what it is today.

Our Founders

Jamal Hailey & Sean Seecharan

From a young age Jamal always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He started at just 18 years old working with a startup sales & marketing firm based in Toronto, Canada where he met his now partner, Sean. They both trained & lead one of the strongest sales teams in the country, working for the largest telecom client in Canada!

Using all the experience they gained there, they chose to venture into a new partnership starting their own sales & marketing company together called Jase Enterprises.

Fun Fact: Jase stands for Jamal & Sean!

Sean has always had a larger than life vision! After several years of experience mastering the Canadian markets, Sean suggested that Jase expand the business to larger territory. A new challenge that brought the company to Houston, Texas in 2016 and we have been growing exponentially ever since.

Our CEOs started from the bottom as sales representatives themselves and always lead from the front by example! They firmly believe the personal growth of the team translates into the overall growth of the company!

Mission Statement

To be a progressive and innovative leader in the direct marketing industry providing our clients with an unparalleled standard of representation while cultivating a fulfilling and growth-oriented atmosphere for our entire team.

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