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1. What does it take to hire Jase to represent my company?

A. We encourage all potential clients to submit their inquiries to the Management team, you can send us a message here. We are always open to exploring new partnerships with industry leaders and growing start-ups.

2. What type of Marketing campaigns can Jase use to represent my product/services/brand?

A. Jase is a direct marketing firm specializing in B2C and B2B Sales. We are focused on building a bridge between our clients and consumers. We are also well equipped to pilot new campaigns and programs that are specific to a company or industry. When inquiring about partnering with Jase, we suggest discussing your company’s target audience and preferred method of acquisitions in the initial message.

3. What would I be doing if I worked at Jase?

A. When starting in an entry-level sales role with Jase, an individual can expect to spend anywhere between 5-7 days in initial training. Afterwards, the day is comprised of working in a team setting within the office as well as spending 1-1 time with customers in a face to face interaction. During your time at Jase you will attend leadership training and career development workshops in order to advance within the company.

4. What other opportunities are available once starting in an entry-level role?

A. Once an individual develops their field sales abilities and basic leadership skills they have the opportunity to be trained into Management positions that include (but are not limited to): HR Management, Client Management, People Development, Managing Partner and Senior Managing Partner.

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